Housty, Michael, Barcelona

For any fans of the film I’ve paraphrased, there will be no passionate love triangles logged in this blog entry. Sorry to disappoint.

After a late night at the beach, I woke up just before our free breakfast finished at 10am off the back of five hours of sleep. Sleep deprivation when travelling is among the worst feelings because you never want to make a day to lazy if there is a lot to do in the city you are staying, like Barcelona. Elke from the night before, was at breakfast and we chatted over a poor knock-off coco pops and toast. Elke was supposed to be in Barcelona with her friend, but her friend had to get surgery and cut her trip short. Fortunately for me, Elke had two tickets to Casa Battlo (yes, the place I was too poor/cheap (take your pick) to go to yesterday) and said I was welcome to come. Considering how expensive many of Barcelona’s top attractions are to see, I couldn’t say no.

We left almost instantly after breakfast, giving me just ten minutes to get ready in a mad rush. We finally made it there less than an hour after I had risen from my slumber. *Insert joke here about me looking like an extra from The Walking Dead*

What can I say about Casa Battlo? It’s a warped building with a lot of interesting themes to it. It’s got a feeling of Alice and Wonderland to it. Something too weird for this world. The whole house has a nod to aquatic life, with turtles, fish and boats being used as inspiration, as well as mythical creatures such as dragons. It’s strange to think that 150 years ago, Gaudi was coming up with all these intricate designs. Also, thanks to Elke again for the ticket. I owe you!

From there we walked to the Botanical Gardens. The statues and structures there are very Roman-like, especially at the far end of the park where a great waterfall and fountain lay. Very chilled out part of town, even if I was internally and externally dying from the heat.


We parted ways when I decided to check out some museums. I was going to meet with her and a few of the others at the beach later but I was too tired to think about it. I checked out the Picasso Museum first, or at least I tried to. It wasn’t open the day after the summer solstice celebrations. That museum passport I bought off Vanessa really coming in handy. Instead I walked to the CCCB, a contemporary arts museum. Contemporary art for me can be hit or miss, but this one was pretty good, albeit not the most riveting.

The current exhibition focused on photobooks (think regular books, but lots of photos) and their historical meaning. Many were political, some were cultural to a certain part of the world, and some were just downright awful and that was their reason they were being shown. Compared to the other contemporary art I have seen so far on my travels, it’s not the greatest thing I have seen, but it’s worth checking out. Plus, there’s currently a Bjork exhibit on too, but you need to pay more for it.

I grabbed some food (a small pasta Bolognese, a pasty of some sort and a can of fanta) from a local café for 6.95. I was a bit disappointed in how little it filled me up, but I was heading home anyway and I had some pasta to look forward to. I started walking towards the metro through the squares near CCCB where children through firecrackers for some reason BECAUSE THEY’RE MENTAL and apparently creating loud explosions is cool. Sure there’s a few suitable jobs for that kind of thing worldwide. Then through La Rambla, the place where you would have no trouble buying marijuana because you will be asked at least five times by random street vendors on your way down the street. It might be the hair.


I had a lazy night after that. I applied for some more jobs and sorted out a few errands from back home as well as having some time to relax. I was up too early in the morning to be having a night out. Pasta was cooked, jobs were applied for, but surprisingly, I forgot to do my blog. My bad. You get a double instead today. You lucky thing.

I’ll try and remember not to hit the snooze button in the morning.


LUNCH: 6.95 euros.

Barcelona Total: 56.95 euros. It can be done on a budget. Just a little difficult.


BREAKFAST: Cereal, toast, orange juice. LUNCH: Pasty, Bolognese, fanta. DINNER: Pasta.

June 24


Author: Michael Houston

Freelance journalist. Love all things film, sport, music and wrasslin. Multimedia Journalism graduate from Glasgow Caledonian University.

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